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About Indin

Tired of Google and Facebook? Tired of being spied and profiled?
Indin is a central place for your Internet searches, email, social networks, software that is focusing on your privacy. We're starting with web search, email and social network. Progressively, we're going to aggregate new services and bring you software that's also in line with privacy respect. Ultimately, Indin want to become a global alternative place for those who don't want to be considered like commercial products, and don't want to be tracked in their daily life. Ultimately, Indin wants to be the Wikipedia of web services and software, acting as a non-profit organization.

Indin is also a community effort: join us!

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Our goal is to provide a real and credible alternative to commercial internet services like Google, Facebook and others, where you won't be tracked, where we will respect your privacy.

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